The original assignment for this project was to research artists within the 19th century. Research went into information on the artist. This being their life, any interviews and work published. While researching, a set of word maps and idealist were generated.
While Paris is known for its romance, it can also be a dangerous city. A San-serif and serif typeface were chosen to show a dichotomy with the city of Paris. The design needed to focus on typography more than illustration and color. Typography within each spread works as visual elements that dance along the compositions, replacing illustration. The weight of each of these designs were set to light to not fight over power with Brassaï’s photography. The copy addresses some of the stories of Brassaï’s life and gives an informative brief on the photographs. Some go over how the photograph was taken and its location. The copy is set with Garamond to show the poetry of Paris.

Brochure Spreads
Poster Design